Closing Your Pool

It's important to remember that closing your pool is also winterizing your pool.  It requires more care and attention to details than the opening. Because water expands when it freezes, it can do a lot of damage to plumbing and equipment if not properly drained or blown out.  For water quality, there are several steps to take before closing your pool, including balancing the water before closing.  We recommend bringing us a water sample a few weeks before you plan to close to achieve this.  

As always, you can give us a call if you need more help.  Or make it really easy and let us close your pool for you.  (269) 372-4636

Feel free to consult our Guide to closing your pool.  Just click on this link.  question mark

Here are some of the key steps we follow to close your pool at the end of the swimming season:

  • Remove any debris, leaves or pool toys from the water.
  • Test your water to be sure the chemical balance is correct.
  • Add a winterizing chemical kit if necessary.
  • Reduce the water level in your pool so that it is below the skimmers.
  • Inspect your winter pool cover, ensuring that it does not contain any significant tears or holes.
  • Apply your winter pool cover. Make sure that it is taut on top to prevent standing water.

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