Liner Replacements

Vinyl LinersWe often say that either you schedule your liner replacement, or it will schedule itself.  At some point, the time comes when everyone's liner needs to be replaced.  Whether it has faded and no longer gives your backyard the look you want, or it has just worn out and can't be patched anymore, we offer customized liner replacement.  Every pool is different. But because we've put liners in hundreds of Kalamazoo area swimming pools, we are aware of the subtleties and potential problems each type presents.  We use detailed measurements to have the replacement liner custom made for your pool alone.  In many cases, the new liner fits better than the original.  And today, there are a wide variety of color tones and patterns to choose from.  

Replacing your liner is an opportunity to refresh your entire pool.  A simple liner replacement can make your pool look like new, for 10 to 15% of what it would cost to build a new pool.  All options are available to you - adding walk in steps to the pool, replacing broken coping, fixing that bumpy floor or even replacing old and cracked concrete decking.  

But just as important as what you see when you loook at a pool is what you don't see.  The work we do behind and under the liner is just as important to us. Whether it is re-troweling a sand bottom floor, pressure testing underground pipes, replacing broken drains and skimmers or sanding and coating rusty steel walls, you can be assured the Pool Guys will take care of your pool.  We want the liner to be the finishing touch to a lot of good preparation.

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