Opening Your Pool

Opening your pool is something you probably both look forward to and dread at the same time.  Opening your own pool doesn't need to be something you dread every spring.  We open hundreds of pools of all types each spring, using the same equipment and methods that you can use.  Come visit our retail store for free water testing to start the season with perfectly balanced water. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our knowledgable staff at the store and they will be happy to assist you,  (269)372-4636.  Or make it really easy and let us open your pool for you.   Call for an appointment.  

Here are some key steps we follow open your pool at the start of the swimming season:

  • Remove any leaves, dirt or other debris from the pool cover first.
  • Pump off any standing water from the top of the pool cover.
  • Remove the cover carefully, then give it a good wash. Once it is completely dry, store it for the season.
  • Add water to the pool until it reaches the proper level.
  • Start your filter system
  • Let the filter run for 24-48 hours
  •  Bring in a water sample and we will make sure you add to your pool what you need.  This will avoid any possible staining from metals and balance as needed to have a safe, clean swimming environment. And don't forget your list...Make a list of what products you have at home so we can use them up instead of selling you something you already have.



Come visit The Pool Guys for all your swimming pool needs.